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Is this the must have handheld of 2009?

Just when the future of news publications was under question, Apple looked set to save the day in the form of their internet tablet, which if the rumours are to be believed, is set to be released very soon. The main appeal of this device is said to be it’s news consumption, which some have even suggested could save the newspaper industry.

But now there’s a new kid on the scene. UK newspaper ‘The Sun’ describe it as the “must have handheld accessory of 2009″, featuring a 26 inch full panoramic colour ’screen’ and 3D photo realistic graphics. If that wasn’t good enough, there’ll also be no squinting at pages or need to turn the device on its side for better reading. And don’t go thinking it’s all business with this device there’s also 7 built in pen-friendly games. But the best selling point has got to be that there’s “no waiting for downloads” in order to get your daily news fix.

It’s gotta be too good to be true!


Chatterbox catches the wave

Ok, ok, I know the invites have been about for a while now, but today I received my invite to Google Wave and I must admit I’m quite excited to have a play after everything I’ve heard about it.

I’ll be back later with my verdict……..

Demand reaches Paranormal levels

After hearing all the hype I just had to check out Paranormal Activity at the weekend. But whilst you’d expect to leave the movie terrified and wanting to find out all about ghosts, demons and the like, instead I was more interested in the marketing behind it. This movie cost just $11,000 to make and has made in excess of $60 million within the first 6 weeks of US screenings.

So what made it so successful? Is it actually the most terrifyingly scary movie you’ll ever see? Or did it just involve very clever marketing? Whilst the last 20 minutes made the movie for me I’d have to go with the latter!

The screening of this movie was initially limited to only a handful of midnight screenings in college towns which promptly sold out. Fans who missed out on a screening were told to “demand it” to be shown at further locations via the official website, whilst the lucky few who got to see the movie were prompted to share their reaction via the website, twitter hashtag and facebook. This generated large amounts of interest about the movie, whilst adverts showing audience reactions only added to the hype already generated. When demands for the movie hit 1 million people it was released nationwide, and that’s not the end of it. Now rumour has it there are several endings to the movie and the one being shown in cinemas at the moment is actually a much shorter version than the one shown at earlier screenings. Which could potentially lead to increased hype if they alternate the versions shown in the cinema. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see on that one!

Either way, I think the use of consumer involvement to generate hype has been fantastic, and what did I think of the movie you ask? Shot in a similar way to both Blair Witch and Cloverfield, the relationship of Katie and Micha is believable and draws you in, there are some funny moments and the subtle goings on during the first few nights helps build the suspense. I’d definitely recommend a watch, worst case you can amuse yourself with the audience reactions! And considering it cost just $15,000 in total, makes me want to pick up a camera myself…….

Is going to rock your social world?

Heard about this new social network
Pipio is a real-time social operating system that combines many of the platforms such as instant messaging, video chat, real-time feeds, and grouping within their all on one platform.
It’s part location service, part Twitter and Facebook app.
The application has the potential to provide a very powerful social experience, but will it draw the masses away from the top guns?

Only time will tell I guess!

The best resignation letter ever?

It’s friday so I thought I’d share this cracking picture with you all! Unfortunately it was part of a showcase on Behance rather than an actual resignation note, but imagining someone leaving it on their computer still makes me chuckle!

I challenge anyone to find a better resignation letter!

You’ve played SingStar, now Sony launches SingCar

You know the score, you’re stuck in traffic, bored beyond belief with your music on, so what better way to while away the time than to unleash you’re hidden diva (or rock star) and sing like there’s no tomorrow. Let’s face it we’ve all done it!

Now Sony have launched a super cool campaign in Japan aptly named “Singing In The Car”. The campaign that promotes their new in-car navigation system is an online audition to seek out the best in-car performers. Videos are uploaded to the website and the best ones will be used in their TV advertising throughout December.

This is a perfect example of the use of consumer created content to create an interactive TV campaign. This fun campaign has driven consumer engagement, not only from the participants, but also from spectators who just enjoy seeing the outcome of the competition.

Now where’s my passport……..

iTunes and Live Nation Team Up for Concert Downloads

Do you remember that special rush you feel after seeing a fantastic concert?
So thrilled but so frustrated because it was a «once in a lifetime experience».
Well it is time for a change!
Since the 24th of november, iTunes has partnered with Live Nation to offer paid downloads of live concert footage.
Starting today, live performances from Live Nation wired venues appear on iTunes available as either audio or video.
Currently the selection is rather small, about 20 artist’s concerts, including OK Go, Plain White T’s and Ziggy Marley.
ITunes expects hundreds of more shows to be added in the coming months.
Live nation provides the content at a low cost as they themselves filmed most of the concerts they promote.
Prices for the videos will start a 7.99$.
For now, these digital concerts are only for sale on the US iTunes store.

This partnership is a smart business move from Live Nation.
Every year they produce more than 22 000 concerts for more than 1600 artists, in 33 countries, thus reducing their initial investment to a minimum.

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