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Microsoft launches UK online TV service

Used to going on MSN to check out the latest news or your emails? Well as of tomorrow you will be able to watch online TV through msn.
After being in a trial mode since last summer, Microsoft is now set to officially launch its MSN video player.

Microsoft have deals with independent TV production companies as opposed to TV stations, but they did a great job by making the site really attractive with large thumbnails of featured shows that encourage people’s explorations towards unknown TV shows.
The new service competes directly with SeeSaw, Hulu’s video online on demand service. The thing is Hulu’s SeeSaw service takes its catalogue from three main TV station: the BBC, Channel Four and Channel Five.
That’s the major difference with Microsoft’s ‘indie’ service. Is that going to put them in trouble or bring them popularity? Only time will tell.


Do knot forget, all new Ford cars comes with bluetooth

It may be simple, but this very clever and original ad from Ford caught our eye this week. The advert highlights the fact that all new Ford cars will come with bluetooth as standard. However it is interesting they opted for Apple earphones considering their in-car connectivity comes from a partnership with Microsoft.

The Age of the Internet Tablet is near !

Since the rumour of Apple creating a MacBook tablet came out a few weeks ago, new companies make plans to bust out a tablet device as well !
Rumors have been flying about both an Apple Tablet and the Microsoft Courier, and now two new companies may have plans to bust out a tablet device: Dell and Asus.
Dell’s forthcoming tablet would be something like the Archos 5 Internet Tablet and Asus reportedly has plans to release an Eee Pad tablet device.
So what will it be?
The next big craze in computing, will it save print publishers ?
Anyway, I don’t really get the point of these internet tablets.