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Google Earth Comes to Audi A8 !!

Of course, plenty of cars have built-in GPS navigation, nothing that impressive!
But up until now, no car had Google Earth integrated, and now Audi has remedied that with their new luxury car, the Audi A8.
Snugged right into the LCD screen in the car, the Google Earth application will let you look at 3D satellite imagery, terrain information, and even additional info layers such as Wikipedia articles or Panoramio images related to a certain location.
A8’s system will also feature Google Maps and Local Search, plus the ability to link it all with your desktop computer. To save time, you can simply search for an address on your computer and send it to the car; when you start driving, the car will know where to go.
Great news but I’m really sorry to tell you that only german luxury cars will have this option.
The others will have to stick with an iPhone stand and the Google Earth mobile app.
I know mine will !


GPS Navigation on your iPhone at a reasonable price !

It’s Christmas soon and you would like to make yourself a little present ?
Well now is the perfect timing since Tom Tom has reduced the price of the US version of their iPhone application by half, to $49.99.
But hurry up, this offer only lasts until December 28th !
Also one of the best GPS tracking applications out there, MotionX GPS 9.0, has also been available at a reduced price of $2.99 throughout December, and the offer’s still there.
Usually those applications are the most expensive ones in the i-Store, Thanks SANTA !!!!!

Toshiba take armchair viewing to a whole new level

Yesterday saw the launch of Toshiba’s latest ad campaign to promote its new 2010 REGZA SV LCD TV series, Toshiba’s first with LED backlight and local dimming.

The video revolves around the journey of an “ordinary armchair” which was made out of biodegradable balsa wood and sent up 98,268 ft. Fitted with 4 GPS systems and attached to helium balloons, the journey was shot using Toshiba’s own IK-HR1S cameras.

This is the first of two videos with part two set to hit our screens in 2010 to promote the new range of Satellite T Series of ultra low voltage laptops.

Whilst this video is certainly attention grabbing, it’ll be interesting to see whether the TV sales reach the same dizzying heights the chair has or if it’ll be one of those campaigns where the advert is more memorable than the product.

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