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Uniqlo creates your own Twitter show!

Here is another online social media campaign. Uniqlo, the popular clothing retailer is tapping into the popularity of Twitter by creating UTweet to promote its latest t-shirts.
It’s a cool campaign actually, you just need to enter your Twitter username and then you’ll get your personalised ‘Twitter show’ based on the history of your messages posted. It uses audio and imagery to tell your story. Then you have the option of sharing it to your friends of course, the more who knows the better!

Try it, that’s how our Twitter show looks like, your turn now!


iTunes Festival 2010

iTunes’ Festival is back this summer, same place as last year at Camden’s Roundhouse in London. It’s the fourth annual month long event where artists play in the name of music and the iTunes Store. More than 60 artists will be performing live during 31 consecutive nights.
Every show will be recorded and available on iTunes. Only venues of the 3 opening nights are known all of the others will be announced via Facebook, Twitter and email alerts over the coming weeks. You can win free tickets through competitions.
You can apply for as many gigs you like, each competition entrant has the chance to win one pair of tickets per date of the Festival. Apply right now, the countdown has started!
iTunes is also giving away hundreds of tickets for every night on the UK iTunes Facebook page.
You will also be able to see behind the scenes photos and the latest news on Twitter.

Mountain Dew uses social media to create next drink flavour

More and more brands uses social media as a tool to reach more people, more fans and of course by that hopefully grow their business.
Pepsi Co. brand Mountain Dew has created the most aggressive social media campaigns ever.
Pepsi used their social media fan base to create, brand and market three experimental new flavours created by their fans. Now that the new flavours are out, the most success one online and in stores during an eight week period will become a permanent part of the Moutain Dew product line.
This campaign named, DEWmocracy 2, started in July 2009, after a call to action to get fans to use social media to help the company create a new flavour. After the top three flavours were selected the participants were organised into members of Flavour Nations. Each nation now has its own Facebook page and Twitter account to get people to buy their flavour. Members of each nation will also travel across the country to encourage social media sharing and flavor voting.
Mountain Dew put 100% of the power in the hands of each Flavor Nation to control the direction, branding and marketing of their respective flavours!
If you want to watch the fans co-created ads they are on
Quite an impressive social media campaign!

British Cycling campaign to save Racing on the road! Get involved

To stop the decline of UK’s road racing, British Cycling has launched a Facebook campaign.

There are so many issues to maintain Racing on the roads. Organisers have problems with outdating highways legislation or even like Police charging. The organiser’s job would be much easier and police time saved if there was a clear practice established which allowed marshals to stop and slow traffic briefly in order to let a race pass. Today many race organisers are finding the barriers to promoting just too difficult to navigate and road races and participants in the sport are being lost.
To try to remain to these issues and secure the future of road racing British cycling has created a campaign though a Facebook Fan page. Their Facebook page is the public face of the campaign and you can help turn this aspect of the sport around. They need as many people as possible to sign up as a fan of the page and support this cause. We all know that the more people seen to be backing a campaign like this, the more likely the politicians and other influential figures are to help!

So become a fan fast and help to secure the future of Racing on the roads.

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