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Tiny Idols on Eastenders – last night!

Eastenders was very exciting last night for us, of course there was the usual drama, however aside from that Tiny Idols popped up on to our screens.

Liam, Bianca and Ricky’s son, was wearing the red 1966 Heroes t-shirt which was for sales around the time of the World Cup.

For your reference here it is. We’ve even managed to get Pat in the picture which is always a winner!

You can watch last night’s episode on iplayer if you missed it and if you jump to minute’s 17 and 21 you can see the Tiny Idols t-shirt being modelled by Liam Butcher himself.

Thanks Liam, there’s a new t-shirt in the post for you!


Youtube and Universal launching a new music video website

Tonight’s the night to be in New York City !!!
Big launching party for youtube.
Tonight Youtube and Universal are launching their music video website in partnership with VEVO.
It turns out that some 85% of the music videos that are on YouTube will be hosted via VEVO. Sadly, for all the cinematography fans, VEVO will not be launching with HD video, that will be coming next year.
The service, to build buzz will be launching with exclusives from 50 Cent, and Mariah Carey. VEVO will be fully built into YouTube, so that when you search for an artist on YouTube, VEVO content will appear.
For now this new YouTube-powered website dedicated to music videos will only be in the US, but be patient it should arrive in the UK soon !!!

Google Wave opens up to one Million Users

Hearing us talking about Google Wave certainly got you all excited !
Well today is your lucky day since Google decided to play Santa with Wave invites. It has just doled out significantly more invites to existing users.
The title of their post suggestively hints that “a million stamps” have been licked, which we take to mean that they’ve now opened up Google Wave to a million users.
I am pleased to know that today more people will be able to enjoy the amazing use of Google Wave.
I recall that Google Wave is an online tool for real-time communication and collaboration. A wave can be both a conversation and a document where people can discuss and work together using richly formatted text, photos, videos and maps.
So get yourself an invitation and go check it out !!!

Tiny Idols launches at Brand Licensing

tinyidolsTiny Idols launched at Brand Licensing Europe, Olympia this week. Influence’s licensing division ‘Brands with Influence’ are the global licensing agents and are currently seeking licensors in all categories and markets.

Tiny Idols are a family of over 150 characters that represent a global marketing opportunity using Rock, Pop, Film and TV celebrity idols. Brands with Influence are in the process of creating a cohesive range of Tiny Idols products at all levels of retail that truly reflect the essence of the Tiny Idols brand.

For more information on Tiny Idols please go to or email


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