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Apple now has its dating platform!

We’re use to Apple’s new projects and inventions, well we could say that we weren’t expecting their latest one!
No it’s not the next generation on Macbook pro’s it’s a dating site. ‘Cupidtino’ has been created for Apple fans and will be launch in June.
According to Apple someone who is a ‘mac person’ has lots in common with another Apple fan. They think that having the similar love for technology is enough to meet and fall in love.
The dating site will exclusively be available on every Apple platforms, iPhone, iPad apps…

So if you want to find your ‘Mac heart’ you know where to go. You can follow the project through their Twitter account which for now is only there to convince people that the project is real!


First Twitter based Youtube Ranking service

A development firm ‘Tootcorp’ just launched ‘Zoofs’ a totally new and unique service based on Youtube video discovery. The new side comes out from the fact that the service will show the videos just on what people are talking about on Twitter. The service goes through all the tweets and applies an algorithm to filter out those which are the most popular.
The user interface has been built utilising Youtube’s support for HTML5 making it functional on devices such as the iPhone and the iPad.
You have got a ‘Must Watch’ ribbon, but you can also view only videos of a specific category, e.g. sports, news and politics or comedy and switch to a list format for an better overview or change the video upload date from anytime to last 72 hours.
According to information posted on the service’s website over 2.1 million videos have been discovered in the past 22 days.
Basically ‘Zoofs’ finds viral Youtube videos on Twitter for you! If you’re the kind of person who likes to be aware of the actual and the future trends, this service is for you.

iPad’s release in the US

A big event happened this week-end in the US. The iPad tablet was released on the market for the first time. And let’s say it was a success!

Apple managed to shift 300,000 of the devices on saturday alone. The same day users downloaded more than one million iPads apps and 250,000 e-books. More than 3,000 apps were available by Sunday morning, with a lot of key music apps including Shazam, Pandora, Muziic and Tap Tap radiation.
It’s not over yet, Apple still has a lot of treats for you, they announced that this Thursday they will unveil the next generation of iPhone 4.0 software. This version will allow apps to run ‘in the background’ which is a big thing for music apps.

For a while we didn’t really know the response the public would have for the iPad, but after this week-end I think we can say it’s quite optimistic!

A whole album made out from an iPhone

Here we go again, after the Chinese girl and her hit ‘ABCD Said’, it’s now time for another person to ‘play’ their iPhone.

A sound engineer, Tom Freeman, recorded an entire album using only the music apps of his iPhone. He named his project iMatik, it’s a DJ mixtape-style collection of 25 electronic tracks, made of all types of crazy sounds by a synthesizer, a percussion track and a bassline. The apps he used where Beatmaker, iDrum, Flare Scratch and Jasuto to make the songs, which are available for sale at Freematik. Yes you can actually buy the album for 8$ or download it for 5$. Or just by curiosity click here to check it out. At least iMatik reveals iPhone’s electronic soundscape and potential.

It’s funny what people do to reach a little attention from the new digital world we’re now living in.

DIY star from China gets web attention!

This is the new wave going on the web right now.
It’s all about a DIY chinese singer pop star, Pixie Tea, real name Zhang Xuanyan who created a catchy electro-bubblegum pop tune out of various bleeps, strums from her iPhone. She used apps like Drum-Meister, iDrum, Bassist, iShred or NESynth. And with all the sounds made with MakeMusic apps she created quite an impressive song, ‘ABCD Said’. The video of her singing her track while dancing in her room has been seen online over more than 1 million people. Bloggers are already urging Apple to sign her up for advertising campaigns.
It’s pretty good, maybe too good to be true since people are starting to think that this might be to professional to have been done randomly.

Anyway, it’s amazing to see how with today’s technology everything could become viral so much faster and easier! Why don’t you try?

Apple iPad – First Impressions

Anyone who was online yesterday couldn’t fail to hear mention of the new offering from Apple, the iPad.

But after what seems like endless rumours, what are everyones thoughts on the actual device?

First off, it’s great to know that the initial rumours surrounding the Apple tablet being called the iSlate where completely wrong – god knows how they would have put a positive spin on a name like that?! However, last night Twitter was already ablaze with jokes about the iPad, #iTampon even became a trending topic.

Initial impressions of the device are that it is a larger version of the iPhone with a beautiful 9.7 inch screen. Relying largely on a similar interface to that of the iPhone and iPod Touch it’ll be easy for users to transfer across to this device. However we suspect it would largely be used as a secondary computer due to it’s lack of support for Flash and the fact that it doesn’t currently support the running of multiple programs at once – knowing Apple this will be introduced with the 2nd gen iPad.

The battery life is a world away from that of the iPhone with a whopping 10 hours, making this the perfect device to use as a video player for trips away. The e-book reader also seems to be the most intuitive out there at the moment not only is it fast, it also has a nifty application that enables users to watch any videos embedded into the article without the need to navigate away from the initial page. It looks like the Amazon Kindle may have huge competition here!

Overall it is a great, though non-essential bit of kit, and at a competitive price I imagine they’ll fly off the shelves. It’ll be interesting to see if the same pricing structure will be applied to the UK market though.

I don’t care what you say, I still love my tiara wearing, beauty pageant phone!

I absolutely love this video right now. The latest Droid advert from Motorola and Verizon takes a swipe at the iPhone by asking “Should a phone be pretty?”. Well I don’t know about you, but I quite like my phone being pretty and I certainly wouldn’t say it’s digitally clueless!

Still the video made me giggle.

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