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Dozey England Fans Discover Singing Estonian Beauty!

The forthcoming England football match may well be a meaningless one as England have already qualified for the World Cup, but that’s no excuse for dopey England fans to get the actual fixture wrong!

While searching for places that they can view the match online, some fans have been searching for an England vs Estonia game as opposed to the England vs Ukraine game!

As a result, hits on Estonian pop star Hannah’s youtube page have gone through the roof (with views now up over 100,000) as she once sung the national anthem at an England international

Judging by the way England have approached meaningless fixtures recently we’re not surprised that fans prefer to watch the gorgeous Hannah instead:

Having watched the video on her YouTube page there are also some Hannah Montana fans that are mistaking her for Miley Cyrus. Miley was all over the entertainment wires yesterday after deleting her Twitter account to the distress of her 1.2million followers!


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