Royal Mail could help you to get your Tiny Idols t-shirts quicker!

At last Royal Mail are thinking about entering into the modern world!

How annoying is it to get one of those cards in the post asking you to go to a far away depot to pick up your package? It delays you getting your purchases and it is just plain inconvenient as you have to go collect the package at a specific time, there could be queues, you might have to take time off work to do this and so on. It’s not really what the doctor ordered and doesn’t fit in with many people’s busy lives. It could even put people off buying items online and not everyone works in an office, so it’s not always an option to have items delivered to work.

After some goading by online businesses, who say that Royal Mail are stifling growth in the online retail sector, they have decided to do a 6 month trial of night time deliveries for those that are not around in the day. House of Fraser and L’Occitane are part of the trial and Royal Mail say they are in talks with other retailers. We would have thought that amazon would be more than pleased to speak to them.

We’re sure it will be a success and will catch on which means you will be able to order items, such as a Tiny Idols t-shirt, and get it delivered to your home between 6-10pm without the fear of one of those red cards being popped through the letter box. Result!

We think it’s an excellent idea that will go down well with businesses and consumers alike and is a step in the right direction for Royal Mail. The way business is done is changing, our lives are changing so this traditional service that Royal Mail provides must change so it doesn’t lag behind in the progress stakes.

Royal Mail finally may be a help not a hindrance!


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