The Macbook Air

And there’s more! The latest in sleek design, Apple have taken the next step in minimising bulk and hassle for those on-the-go types.

The ipad is a very handy mobile unit but does not have the full functionality of a laptop. This has all the use of a Macbook Pro but less than half it’s weight at 1.06 kg rather than 2.54kg.

It is $1000 rather than $500 for an ipad or $300 for a netbook so as per usual is not a bargain. However, for those dedicated Apple followers that can’t be without the dazzlingly great graphic displays it could be a good compromise if you are finding it a bit much to be on the move with your heavy machine.

There is a 11″ or 13″ screen option and a bonus is that the screen resolution is 1,366-by-768 pixels compared to 1,024-by-768 pixels on most netbooks. The processor is not that fast like most netbooks, only 1.4-GHz Core 2 Duo. The battery life is 6 hours though which is pretty good. It is wider than a netbook so does have a standard size keyboard which most people will like a lot. The app opening time is really quick so there is no waiting around to be done here.

Again, if you have the money and you want a lovely new toy to play with then purchase away! Available at stores now!

Visit the Apple Store


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