The Social Network – reviewed

I must admit I was sceptical when I realised there was a facebook movie coming out, however, I was pleasantly surprised by it. It managed to create excitement and portray the bitterness over the ownership of facebook well.

It is essentially a college movie so has women, parties, relationships, popularity issues and as in many college movies there is a strong rise of the underdog (the geeks) theme. However, this time it is a real story.

The start-up of facebook is the ultimate finger-in-the-face tale, young Zuckerberg got his dumped by his girlfriend which spurred him on to prove himself and to get even. In the mean time he became privy to an idea that he is said to have stolen from the Winklevoss brothers, the good-looking, tanned, rich members of the exclusive Phonenix Club and part of the row crew. Instead of meeting them to continue talks he allegedly took the idea, created it, improved it and beat them to market. Hence why they took him to court and were awarded a $65 million out of court settlement,which does give some weight to the story.

There is a real sense of entrepreneurial spirit in the film which is quite inspiring if you have ever had the notion of owning your own business.

Justin Timberlake plays Sean Parker who started Napster, the music site that was the first to ‘share’ files, and who is now a 7% shareholder in facebook. It tells of his involvement in the rise and development of the site.

It also tells of the relationship Zuckerberg had with once friend and original CFO, Eduardo Saverin, who also took him to court over ownership issues.

It does sound like there was a lot of back-stabbing and legal wrangling going on but that does make for a good story.

The story of facebook is all part of our colourful social (media) history so it’s worth a watch I think. However, I’m not sure it is Oscar worthy as it is being touted as.

At cinemas now.


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