Nike turns London into a Gameboard for running Promo

Nike always have impressed us with their adverts and campaign. Never lacking creativity.
Well this Friday at 8PM Londoners get prepared to be part of a huge interactive street game created by Nike of course!
The sportswear brand is inviting active people to take part in the ‘Nike Grid‘ street game. The aim of the event is to engage urban residents in a sport quest, which will take 24 hours and cover the whole city. The city is divided into 40 postcodes zones and four phoneboxes in each. The participants must run from one phonebooth to another within the zone. The more routes they run, the more points they score. The participants need to tell their names and age while registering, and they have to dial a special number before and after each run within their grid.
Sounds like Foursquare on a treadmill right!? Become the fittest and fastest mayor of your area!
If you want to be part of it, read the rules on the Facebook fan-page and register at the Nike Grid website.


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