Mountain Dew uses social media to create next drink flavour

More and more brands uses social media as a tool to reach more people, more fans and of course by that hopefully grow their business.
Pepsi Co. brand Mountain Dew has created the most aggressive social media campaigns ever.
Pepsi used their social media fan base to create, brand and market three experimental new flavours created by their fans. Now that the new flavours are out, the most success one online and in stores during an eight week period will become a permanent part of the Moutain Dew product line.
This campaign named, DEWmocracy 2, started in July 2009, after a call to action to get fans to use social media to help the company create a new flavour. After the top three flavours were selected the participants were organised into members of Flavour Nations. Each nation now has its own Facebook page and Twitter account to get people to buy their flavour. Members of each nation will also travel across the country to encourage social media sharing and flavor voting.
Mountain Dew put 100% of the power in the hands of each Flavor Nation to control the direction, branding and marketing of their respective flavours!
If you want to watch the fans co-created ads they are on
Quite an impressive social media campaign!


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