Real-time location sharing tool now on Facebook!

Nowadays being able to go somewhere without other people knowing is becoming impossible. First there’s Foursquare who actually check your GPS location on your phone to see where you really are, then Twitter who launched its geo-location app and now it’s Facebook’s turn!

A startup called ‘Glympse’ now allows you to share your location to your Facebook friends via the News Feed, just by using a widget that plots your position on a map and updates it in real-time. This service will now embed an interactive map that updates all the time. You can also use the Facebook’s Friend List feature to specify who can see the map.
‘Glympse’ is a way to share your location with anyone for a specified period of time. You can send a ‘Glympse’ to a specific person, several people, or even to everyone on Facebook and Twitter. ‘Glympse’ has offered this functionality for a while, but the integration with Facebook is much better. Previously when you shared a Glympse link with someone it would just redirect you to the Glympse site, this is still what happens when you share to Twitter. On Facebook, the real time sharing location map will now be embedded.

Show your Facebook friends where you are at!


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