Nokia launches a DRM free music market in China

Nokia, the global mobile music leaders are today launching a new market in China. A project called ‘Comes With Music’, it’s the first market to get DRM-free version of the ‘all-you-can eat’ music service, a service that lets mobile phone users legally access, download and listen to an unlimited amount of music, any time, anywhere with no extra charge for data for a weekly fee of £1.99 . With Nokia’s new service it’s the first time people will be able to sign up to the service without buying a brand new handset if they already own a Nokia mobile.
Nokia’s goal here is to crack the challenge of promoting legal music in China, where privacy remains strong. Nokia’s director of global music Adam Mirabella says, ‘This marketplace is begging for a legal opportunity. They’re all looking for somebody with a strong footprint and presence, to see if there’s something they can do to build the business back’.

The question remains though, will Nokia transfer the ‘Comes With Music’ model to other countries around the world, and will this be a step forward in combating music piracy? Only time will tell!


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