Universal Music Group brings record label’s artists to social games

Universal Music Group (UMG) signed quite an unexpected partnership with ‘Conduit Labs’, a startup that creates musical social games. It has the largest catalog of any music games company, their goal is to change the way that people discover and experience music with friends.
This new partnership will provide access to every users of the UMG’s library of licensed music from the record label’s artists such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Little Wayne, The Killers, Black Eyed Peas and much more.
All of Conduit Labs’ games are free but the users will have the option of purchasing virtual items, such as songs, to further personalise their experience. So while playing you can have access to every music playlist you like. You can also purchase separate digital downloads of UMG music.
Conduit uses a virtual goods model to sell music within games and songs on the social network range from costing nothing to several dollars. Through the agreement, Conduit will share revenue from all sales of UMG’s music with the record label.

The company, which recently raised another $3 million in funding, is rapidly growing its userbase. Its Facebook game, Music Pets, has already surpassed one million monthly active users less than 30 days after its launch. Quite a successful startup, no wonder UMG signed the deal!


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