A service that could find this song stuck in your head!

You’ve had a song in your head since this morning but you don’t know the title of it? It happened to all of us and it’s so frustrating, right?

With this new music search tool you will finally be able to find answers. You just need to sing, hum or whistle as you wish and ‘Midomi’ will recognise and instantly find your obsessive song!
But there is much more to it, you can create your own profile, make friends, sing your favourite songs and share them with other ‘Midomi’ users. You can also listen to and rate others musical performances and of course so can they. Your performance could be the next top result!
It’s also an extensive digital music store with a growing collection of more than two million legal music tracks. You can purchase them right on the site or play them on your laptop.

Quite a cool site that could come in handy! The service is also available as an iPhone app which could be useful if you’re too impatient to get to your computer.


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