The first 3D TV has arrived in the UK

Here it is, it has arrived quicker than expected but the first 3D TV has arrived in the UK!

The TV is made by Samsung who has mastered the art of ‘edge LED backlighting’ to create the 7000 series which is the first wave of 3D. It only weighs 17kg and its size is 109.2 (w)x 2.7 (d)x 65.3 (h) cm.
With this 3D mode, the image seems just a tad softer than watching in regular HD, but you are in fact seeing separate 1080p images flashed alternately to each eye as the active shutter glasses open and block each lens in time with flicker of the screen. It’s this ability to show an uncompromised 3D image that makes Full HD 3D watchable and convincingly three-dimesional. The 3D glasses cost £129 each and obviously everyone will need to be wearing them, so this it’s quite a smart marketing move but you do get two pairs with the TV.

So for £2000 this lovely TV of the future could be yours!


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