Want to avoid someone? Use Avoidr

There is this new and very original service out that definitely could be handy sometimes, you never know.

It’s called Avoidr, this service is powered by Foursquare. The perk of this new social media service is that it uses it for a total different outcome. Usually we use those networks to find our friends or people we want to talk to, and maybe even meet up using Foursquare. Well, Avoidr uses Foursquare to check where our non-friends are so we can avoid bumping into them. It ‘keeps your friends close and your enemies at that bar down the street’. You just have to sign in using your Foursquare logins, and designate “friends” you’d like to avoid. The site will then give you a list of places to avoid, places where your “frenemy” has been before or is right now.

Quite helpful don’t you think? So now before checking out this new bar in town you can confirm if any of the strange people on your watch list are there. Don’t be bothered anymore!


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