‘Chatroulette’ the new web’s attraction

This is the new thing going on the web. You must have heard of it, Chatroulette.
It’s a brand new social service for one-on-one text, webcam and microphone based chat with people around the world.
As soon you connect on the site it will pair you with a random video chat partner. You can click ‘next’ any time to chat with someone else or just stay with your current pairing. The big thing is to perform really strange or talented things to get people to follow you and interact with you.
Anyway, there’s no limit with people’s imagination since everything is live and nothing is being recorded. This new site shows all the strangest and best sides of people. A lot of the most original performances have gone viral, like this hooded pianist improvising songs for the people he meets by webcam, it’s really funny. The Pianist named Merton has an uncanny resemblance to Ben Folds, don’t you think??

Anyway we can ask ourselves where is the limit with people interacting through social services?


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