3D’s Revolution

It’s amazing how important 3D has become in our lives! It’s already predicted that by 2014 3D will be part of our homes, 40 million of 3D TV’s are expected.
But the 3D era is already here with SKY launching the first 3D live football match, Burberry broadcasting their fashion show in 3D or Youtube creating 3D videos. And today when someone mentions ‘Avatar’ everyone can’t seem to have enough words to say how fantastic and incredible the movie is. Not seeing it is almost like missing the most important social event ever! Now it’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ turn to have the same success.
3D filmmaking success is so big that James Cameron has plans to bring a classic back to the theatres in 2012, this time in 3D, ‘Titanic’. Thanks to computer technology, 3D effects can be added to films shot without the use of 3D-specific cameras like Cameron used for Avatar. That gives the opportunity to every old movie to get all freshen-up with a 3D lifting!
Warner Bros.’s upcoming ‘Clash of the Titans’ who wasn’t filmed in 3D is currently being converted to 3D in a eight-week period just to get more attention at the box office.

3D era is not the future anymore it’s here and people can’t get enough!


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