mflow the new music download site launches soon

Ok, we all use or at least have heard of Spotify, We7, iTunes and other competing music download sites, now it’s time for a renewal.

mflow, an innovative social music discovery service, currently in beta testing in the UK, plans to launch the service in April by partnering with several major music magazines titles like Clash, Q, Mojo and NME.
With the new service you’ll be able to listen and download music files based on other mflow users recommendations. The perk of the service is that when another member buys a song or an album based on you recommendation, your account will be then credited with 20% of the value of the transaction.
Each of the magazines will bring promotional activity to the service including advertising and free music download sales featuring major artists with their own profiles on mflow as well.
Clash magazine will be the first publication to promote the service. Soon mflow will be Q Magazine’s sponsor which lists the top 50 downloaded tracks each month.

Their marketing strategy is really smart, by helping users recommend, share and buy music this encourages social music discovery. With the backing of the top music publications this will only increase the level of trust between mflow and it’s users.
Beware Spotify and iTunes, a major competitor has arrived!


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