Music dominates on Youtube

Who doesn’t take a look at Youtube at least once a day? We all do, it has became a routine, just to check out the latest movie trailer, music video of your favourite band or the daily scoop. Youtube has so many different categories mashed up together that basically any kind of topic can be find.

A study has been made by the research company Sysomos, to know which of the categories is the most watched. Well it appears that Music is the most popular category, accounting for 30.7% of all views on the video service. The music industry might be keen to know that that the main social group embedding video are bloggers aged between 20-35, accounting for 57.3% of all links
Of course this comes after Vevo, Youtube and Google’s premium music video channel.
Another study shows that Universal and Sony delivers an average 30m streams a day in the US.
Moreover earlier this year, comScore said that 92% of Vevo’s 35.4m visitors in December in the US actually came via YouTube rather than through Vevo’s own landing page.

So here are the main content categories on YouTube in order of popularity:

– music (30.7%)

– entertainment videos (14.6%)

– people and blogs (10.77%)

– news and politics (6.7%)

– sports (6.0%)

– comedy (5.2%)

– education (4.1%)

– film (3.6%)

– animation (3.2%)

– how to/style (3.1%)

– science and technology (2.86%)

– other (9.2%)


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