Google Buzz is facing legal action

Google is facing legal action on its Buzz. When they decided to venture into Social Networks it seems like they should have been a little more careful in their strategy.

Privacy campaigners blame Google for their “intrusive service” and for the fact that consumers could feel their privacy invaded since Google automatically gave users a ready-made circle of friends based on the people they e-mailed the most. And let’s be honest here, the people we email the most aren’t always the people we care about the most.
According to Simon Davies, director of the London based Privacy International, a complaint is set to lay with the European Commission.
Several complaints have been filled for the same reasons, in Florida and Canada as well.

Of course Google quickly announced some changes in the way Google Buzz handles private data, but that might show that Buzz’s original behavior was breaking the law.
Even though, Google has donated £1.3 million to Wikipedia, which may lead us to believe a future partnership between the online encyclopedia and the “Buzz”.


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