Super Bowl on Twitter this season

This year the NFL wants to be part of the microblogging service, Twitter. So it can collect and aggregate tweets and Flickr photos from fans around the world.
The official tag of the Super Bowl is #SB44.
The NFL is highlighting the user-tagged Super Bowl content on its new Super Bowl site, which offers a visually stimulating and unfiltered interactive view of tweets and images that football fans are sharing through the tag.
This is quite a surprising move from them, considering the fact they’re usually really concerned about the rights to their content.
Such a smart social media strategy, fans get more involved with their favourite sport, they have the possibility of adding content, features directly on the official website.
And now they also have the option of having another personal perspective on this year’s game, by checking out Chad Ochocinco’s OCNN — Ochocinco News Network — which will include an array of opinions, videos, tweets and photos from Ochocinco and other football stars, all of which will be posted to the player’s social media sites.
So starting the 7th get ready to tweet, if you got some interesting news for us.
Don’t forget #SB44!


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