Sky airs first live 3D football match

At first glance it appeared to be an ordinary football match as crowds gathered with a beer in hand to watch Manchester United vs. Arsenal yesterday. However these spectators were part of a lucky few who got to watch broadcasting history in the making as Sky hosted their first live 3D football match yesterday ahead of the launch of their 3D channel in April.

All clad with dark 3D glasses the crowd watched on as graphics appeared to hang in mid-air and TV logos jumped off the screen. Giving the audience the feeling that they are right there on the pitch with the players.

Only nine pubs across the UK were included in the sneak preview, however by April Sky intend to be airing weekly matches in 3D in a larger number of pubs.

Sky operations director Darren Long said “It’s not a gimmick – 3D is going to get better and better. “You can see the swerve of the ball, where the players are in relation to one another. You have a perception of depth which you have never had before. When you watch a golfer putting in 2D it looks flat – it looks easy. When you see it in 3D, you can see every bump and contour on the green and you really appreciate their skill.”


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