Let your iTunes library be Spotify(ied) !!

How about that ?
You don’t have to wait for Apple streaming anymore !
A newly launched service enables you to access most of your tunes via Spotify.
Spotifitunes lets you upload your iTunes database from your PC or Mac to its website.
It then immediately presents you with a summary of your collection, brought alphabetically by genre, artist and album.
It’s really easy you just have to select any artist or album and, provided you have Spotify installed on you Mac or PC, it will immediately find the album or all songs by the artist from Spotify and there you go.
Isn’t that awesome?
Now even if you don’t have your computer with you, you can always connect to your iTunes library from anywhere !
Of course, varying licensing arrangements mean that not all of the albums and artists listed in your iTunes library have their content available via Spotify, but still it’s surprising just how well the service works across most of your music collection.


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