DivX is also DivX TV !!

Tired of always having to watch your favourite show’s new season on streaming on your computer?
Well now that’s over, you’re gonna be able to watch it on your TV, on a huge screen and of course in a much better quality !
DivX and LG Electronics are announcing a strategic alliance to bring the new DivX TV Internet TV platform to the next generation of LG’s Blu-ray players and home theater systems.
That involves tons of manufacturers lining up to show off devices that promise to make it easier to connect to your content, whether it’s on TV, a computer or a mobile device.
Like Boxee and the Boxee Box, DivX TV aims to bring Internet content to your TV screen and allows you to stream local media from your computer. The other advantage is that it doesn’t require you to purchase a separate hardware box to funnel the content.
When DivX TV launches it will include a number of channels and partnerships for different video, movie and music services, plus social networking and photo-sharing sites !
For now it’s only with LG branded devices, but that’s just the beginning. The company is working to get other partners and platforms.
So be patient if you don’t have a LG otherwise you can be really excited !


1 Response to “DivX is also DivX TV !!”

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