Twe-exchange lets you check available Twitter Usernames

Tired of always having your username rejected, and having to think of another one as soon as possible to create an account?
Well this time is now part of the past with this new program called Tweexchange !
It’s a product from Blast Applications, a New York-based developer of iPhone, Facebook and Twitter apps.
With this site you can check whether or not the username you had in mind for your new Twitter account is still available.
If it turns out it’s not, you’ll get a list of possible alternatives. As a bonus, and thanks to a partnership with domain registrar and hosting company GoDaddy, you’ll also get to see which domain names related to your desired username are still available. Users can register or backorder domain names through GoDaddy straight from the site. But be careful if you use this option of this site it’s not free !
When a Twitter username is ‘pending removal’, you can also opt to be notified as soon as it becomes available since Twitter deletes usernames 60 days after their suspension.
What a great deal no ?
No longer a waste of time to find an available username !


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