Grouply out with a more social and customizable Online Platform

Have you heard about Grouply ??
Well it’s a different kind of social networks launched in 2006. Grouply was one the pioneers of the socialization of groups and essentially lets users combine features of social networks and online groups, incorporating Google and Yahoo Groups products.
They recall that Grouply “instantly reinvigorates all your Yahoo! or Google Groups with exciting social features, customizable websites, and more … all for free”.
The latest version of Grouply, which currently hosts 1.6 million groups, has been enhanced to provide many more customization tools for Grouply groups, giving users the ability to transform the simple appearance of any Google or Yahoo Group into a modern, sleep, colorful website.
Grouply is also adding features that make it more like a social network instead of a simple group. Groups will now have social activity feeds, directories, and can also promote their groups through search-engine optimization.
Grouply is also planning to launch integration with Facebook and Twitter soon, and will allow users share their Grouply activities with their friends and followers in the two social platforms.
It seems like a lot of good perspectives !!


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