A Pro url shortening service for Bit.ly

In May 2009 Bit.ly became Twitter’s url shortener of choice which has seen substantial growth in the user base for the service. But now competition has arrived.
First Facebook arrived with “FB.me” to share links with others and then Google came out with an url shortener as well “goo.gl” !
So bit.ly decided to take a step forward by creating a pro version including “private label” tracking (on your own domain) and greater analytics for the clicks.
This private label pro solution is initially open for a limited number of medium to large publishers and bloggers including MSN, The Huffington Post and WSJ.com. The private label solution is aimed at boosting user confidence, with the ultimate destination of a short url which in turn should boost the click rate of the url. So if you click on a nyti.ms link you know it will be going to the New York Times
Boosting the analytics is also a key part of this pro solution offering a dashboard interface more atuned to a web analytics user including real time stats and country of origin clicks.
But the most exciting element is the ability to see more detail on exactly who is clicking on your links !
Good move from bit.ly but they don’t have to worry.
I don’t think that Twitter would change for another url shortener, since we’ve all been successfully using it for quit a long time now !


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