Time Inc. shows us their idea of the future of Magazines

Soon the idea of buying your daily newspaper will seem to you past of time.
It seems that every major magazine publisher has their own idea of how their magazines will look on the upcoming Tablet of Newspaper Salvation, due to be created by Apple.
First it was Condé Nast, who’s preparing a digital version of Wired magazine for the Apple Tablet, and now it’s Time Inc., which released a video demonstration of a tabletized Sports Illustrated.
The demo is actually quite impressive, including a decent amount of interactivity, some video elements, several different ways of browsing through the content.
Nothing is certain.
Although rumor has is that Apple hasn’t even took the time to consider it.
But lets face it, why wouldn’t they?? Apple will have a nice, healthy chunk of the profits and it certainly looks a damn sight better than The Sun’s offering last week!


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