Is this the must have handheld of 2009?

Just when the future of news publications was under question, Apple looked set to save the day in the form of their internet tablet, which if the rumours are to be believed, is set to be released very soon. The main appeal of this device is said to be it’s news consumption, which some have even suggested could save the newspaper industry.

But now there’s a new kid on the scene. UK newspaper ‘The Sun’ describe it as the “must have handheld accessory of 2009″, featuring a 26 inch full panoramic colour ’screen’ and 3D photo realistic graphics. If that wasn’t good enough, there’ll also be no squinting at pages or need to turn the device on its side for better reading. And don’t go thinking it’s all business with this device there’s also 7 built in pen-friendly games. But the best selling point has got to be that there’s “no waiting for downloads” in order to get your daily news fix.

It’s gotta be too good to be true!


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