Pizza Hut’s iPhone App breaks $1million sales

More and more companies are jumping on the iPhone app bandwagon to increase brand awareness, brand reach, and more importantly, sales. But how many actually achieve this?

Pizza Hut launched their iPhone app 3 months ago and have generated over $1million worth of sales in that time. How?

The big advantage for it’s users is the 20% discount they get from ordering via the app. Then there is the coverage that Apple have given it in their commercials featuring it as a ‘must-have’ app, but even Pizza Hut have been shocked by it’s results. Bernard Acoca, senior director of digital marketing for Pizza Hut told MobileMarketer:

“We always saw a steady level of growth with our mobile business via our WAP site, but to be candid it wasn’t the explosive level of growth we’ve seen with the iPhone app.

IPhone applications capture consumers’ imagination in a way that WAP sites simply can’t do, so the decision to expand to the iPhone was as good one for us.”



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